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Route Delivery Schedule

Our pickup/delivery schedule is seperated into two routes Phoenix and West Valley residents are serviced on Mondays and Thursdays, while East Valley residents are serviced on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sign up for free text notifications and we’ll send you a reminder the night before an expected pick up.

Central Phoenix & West Valley Route

Pick-ups are Mondays & Thursdays
Items picked up Monday are delivered Thursday
Items picked up Thursday are delivered Monday

East Valley Route
Pick-ups are Tuesdays and Fridays
Items picked up Tuesday are delivered Friday
Items picked-up Friday ad delivered Tiesday.

Request Dry cleaning pickup and drop off

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We're making easier than ever to get your garments and household items dry cleaned! Whether you have linen, jackets, rugs or a favorite dress that needs a little extra love, we've got you covered. Butlers Dry Cleaning will travel to your location and pick up your dry cleaning for free! Fill out our form below and you'll receive your choice of text/email/call for confirmation.