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Do I need to be home or at work?

No. Your bag will be picked up from the door hanger and delivered back to the same place unless you designate otherwise. If you are going to be away from home on delivery day, leave a note and we will return your items to your request.


Time and money on your laundry.

Let us take care of your dry cleaning so you can put your focus where it matters.

How do I make a payment?

Your credit card information will be stored in our secure database. The charges you incur will automatically be billed to your card once a month to once a week. We accept many forms of payment, but regrettably, cannot accept American Express or personal checks at this time.

What if the door hanger doesn't fit?

If you are having trouble making the door hanger fit, move the hanger to the hinge side of the door, past any molding or trim. The hook should now be flush with the door, and there will be no further interference with its operation.

Explore some of our commonly asked questions, so you know what to expect from Butlers Dry Cleaning.

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What if it's raining?

Don't worry about your garments getting wet. You can just put them in a plastic bag and then place them in your dry cleaner bag. Your driver is experienced in taking the proper precautions as well. As a last resort, your items may be held over one day.

Will someone steal my clothes?

There have never been any reports of clothes being stolen by any of our customers. The pickup and delivery schedule that you get follows the activity of the neighborhood. If you are still worried, we can establish a more secure location for switches.

What do I do with extra large items?

You have two options. You can call ahead to inform us that these items will be waiting with your regular dry cleaning. The second option is simply leaving the items with a note attached that they need to be cleaned.

What if I miss my pickup?

With all the things going on in your life, chances are there will be a time that you forget to leave your cleaning in the usual spot. Don't worry about it, just call us, and we will make sure it gets picked up on your next service day.

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